A tiny kitten in Kaliningrad, Russia, tumbled out of an SUV on a busy roadway on Sept. 12. The kitten narrowly missed the wheels of another SUV as it somersaulted down the outside lane of Alexander Nevsky street, coming to a halt in the middle of the road.

The city, between Poland and Lithuania off the coast of the Baltic Sea, has a surveillance camera system called “Safe City” that captured the cat’s death-defying minutes on the road.

Car after car and truck after truck swerved to avoid the black kitten, just a small smudge in the middle of the asphalt. Trucks passed directly over the animal as it lay between their wheels.

After what Safe City described as 3½ minutes (the agency shortened the surveillance footage down to about a minute), a Peugeot came to a halt near the cat and switched on its hazard lights.

As other vehicles whizzed by, the driver stepped out and, after prodding the kitten, picked it up and carried it back to his vehicle. He has not been identified.

Officials recommend people don’t get out of cars to rescue animals on roadways, as it increases the chances of an accident. But many praised the good Samaritan in the video’s comments on European social networking site VK. “God bless this man and his family,” one viewer said. “Just thank you,” another commented.