This is your dream home away from home. One of a kind. Only 15 hours by jet from work on the East Coast, five hours from the West Coast. A stopover in Oahu. A short flight to Kauai. A historic seven-bedroom, four-bath home on the beach near where “South Pacific” and “Jurassic Park” were filmed.

Sweeping mountain and ocean views. See Bali Hai. See if you can get that tune out of your brain now. See the location, yes, for “Jurassic Park.”

In season, see the whales, if not the dinos.

Just a short drive to Mark Zuckerberg’s place or Pierce Brosnan’s or Chuck Norris’s or Ben Stiller’s. Get together with them on this friendly island.

Beautifully maintained by responsible owner with whom you may be familiar, Julia Roberts.

Was selling for $30 million. Now, for a limited time, only $19.5 million.

Remember, you never want the most expensive house in the neighborhood. The nearby houses on Kauai’s Hanalei Bay are priced at $31 million, $30 million and $29.5 million.

The property, says the ad, “is one of a few parcels that retain the large, open feel and the ONLY ONE THAT IS AVAILABLE FOR SALE.”

Take the tour right here.

Is it for you? Actually, says the realtor selling it, Neal Norman, the question is, are you for it? “There’s almost like a cosmic element to this market,” Norman told The Washington Post. A home “waits for the right person. It always seems to wait for the right person.”

Are you that person? Only the home will know.

The right person hasn’t come along for some time. According to Zillow, that’s 551 days. But that’s not so unusual in this neighborhood, Norman said.

“There’s no real reason why this house hasn’t sold. It’s undervalued based on comparables.”

Actually, according to Mansion Global:

” . . . When it comes to real estate, association with an immensely popular celebrity doesn’t always translate into a quick sale. As a matter of fact, it takes longer for celebrities to offload their homes, according to a report released … by Redfin. By analyzing homes bought and sold by 60 celebrities in Southern California from 2011 to 2016, the Seattle-based real estate portal concluded that on average, star-owned properties stay on market for about 36 days longer than other homes in the area. And they usually sell for less than the original asking price.”

So Julia Roberts shouldn’t feel bad. Would you feel bad if you were Julia Roberts?

What’s it like to live along Hanalei Bay? Someone once asked that question of actor Pierce Brosnan:

“It’s one of those lovely luxuries that come with hard work and good timing. We always wanted to get away so we found this place — it’s a small three-bedroom cottage that sits right on the water’s edge,” he told GloucestershireLive.

“This is the most magical place — life here is very beautiful and very simple. We have a beautiful garden of Eden and the sea is at my feet. … Keely is a gardener and I do my painting in my little grass hut on the beach — and look like Simon Cowell!”

“The locals that live here on Kauai just don’t seem to be as star struck as you would imagine,” real estate agent Dave Jackson told Forbes Traveler. “I see Pierce in the Kilauea Fish Market all the time, waiting in line like everyone else. No one seems to give him a second look.”

So if you’re worried about tourists staring at you while you bask on the beach at the Roberts home, don’t.

They’re used to people like you.