Kevin Allred was deeply distraught over the victory of President-elect Donald Trump. So, like many, the Rutgers University lecturer and self-described “undoer of the status quo” took to Twitter to vent his frustrations.

“Every single person that voted for Donald Trump is a racist. or saw racism as easily overlooked,” read one tweet from last week.

“Every morning feels like a punch in the gut,” read another.

Later, he posted a GIF of someone setting an American flag on fire. “Mood since Tuesday night,” he said.

Then, seemingly angered by the Republican president-elect’s stance against gun control, he posed a question: “Will the 2nd amendment be as cool when i buy a gun and start shooting at random white people or no?”

That last tweet caught someone’s eye at Rutgers, who reported his account to university security, reported.

On Tuesday night, New York City police showed up at his Brooklyn apartment — not to arrest him but to take him in for a psychiatric evaluation. Officers loaded him into an ambulance and he was transported to Bellevue Hospital in New York’s East Side, he told the New York Daily News.

Allred posted about the experience en route, saying in a series of tweets (some with language that can’t be published here) that it was “proof positive that Trump’s crackdown on free speech has already begun.”

The New York Police Department confirmed that it was, indeed, Allred’s tweets that brought them to his residence after they were unable to contact him about the remarks.

“Rutgers police contacted the 94 Precinct and requested a wellness check be conducted on the professor based on comments he made in the classroom and on Twitter about killing white people,” police said in a statement to BuzzFeed News. “Based on these comments he was transported to Bellevue Hospital for psychological evaluation.”

Allred is best known for a college course he created called “Politicizing Beyoncé,” which he describes on his professional website as an examination of race, gender, class and sexual politics based on the music and career of the pop star. Allred calls himself a feminist author and educator and lists “disruptive creativity” and “radical honesty” among his core values.

The evaluation at Bellevue lasted about two hours, and doctors quickly agreed he had no psychological problems, Allred told the Daily News

“The doctors were like, ‘This is ridiculous, why did they bring you here?’” he said. “And I said, ‘That’s what I thought,’ but they told me they had to do it.”

Allred said one doctor told him that “politicians say much worse on live television with no repercussions and they choose to waste resources bringing me in,” according to BuzzFeed News.

Officials at Rutgers told that an unidentified student filed a complaint about him but did not provide further details.

“The Rutgers University Police Department responded to a complaint from a student and took all appropriate action,” university spokesman E.J. Miranda said.

By the time Allred was released, people were already erupting over the now-deleted tweet. His account was temporarily suspended. Some users sent him death threats.

Allred said he only meant to expose a “double standard” about gun control and had no intention of hurting anybody. He conceded that what he wrote was “incendiary,” but he accused police of “intimidation” over remarks he said were protected by the First Amendment.

Allred said that on Wednesday morning he had returned to Rutgers to teach classes. In the meantime, he still has tough words for white people:

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