Conrad Rudalavage went to sleep in his Pennsylvania home about 8 p.m. on Jan. 14, according to a criminal complaint.

About two hours later, he woke up and came downstairs. That, authorities say in the documents, is where Rudalavage found the victim in the incident, who was “sitting in the living room on the couch.”

“At this time, the defendant stated that he had a bad dream that she was cheating,” the documents state. “Immediately subsequent to his statement, he began to strangle the victim to the point that she could not speak or breathe.”

Rudalavage stands accused of violently attacking the woman on that Saturday night, a beating so intense that she was left with “severe swelling in the area of the nose, right eye and neck.”

“Blood was observed on the victim’s face and shirt,” the complaint states. “Her clothing was torn and wet. Your Affiants learned the physical assault was also witnessed by the victims’ seventeen year old daughter, and her friend.”

Rudalavage was arrested on several charges, including aggravated assault, terroristic threats and recklessly endangering another person, according to the criminal complaint. It is unclear if he already has an attorney.

The Times-Tribune reports that Rudalavage has a preliminary hearing scheduled for later this month. The victim in the violent encounter was his wife, according to the newspaper.

Rudalavage’s alleged attack is laid out in a brutal detail in a probable cause affidavit, which states that the Archbald Borough Police Department was dispatched to a call about a “physical domestic dispute in progress” at around 10:29 p.m. on Jan. 14. The victim of the incident, who was not named in the affidavit, was at a neighbor’s house.

While officers cared for the victim, Rudalavage left his home in a Jeep, the affidavit states, though he was eventually taken into custody. Investigators noted in the affidavit that Rudalavage had “a strong odor of alcoholic beverage about his breath,” a “staggered gait” and “slurred speech.”

An investigation found that the alleged attack began earlier in the night, after Rudalavage awoke and made the statement about the dream. He choked the woman, threw her on the floor and said: “It all ends here, I am going to kill you,” the documents state.

The affidavit details how Rudalavage allegedly slapped the victim and slammed her head down, then picked her up off the ground. He ripped her clothes as he did this, the documents state. The woman escaped and tried to lock herself in a truck, but her attacker grabbed her and the keys, the affidavit alleges.

“The victim pushed on the horn to get the neighbor’s attention,” the documents state. “At this time, the defendant bit the victim on her right forearm, leaving a mark. The defendant then dragged the victim back into the garage against her will and closed the door.”

Authorities believe Rudalavage sat on the victim and punched her in the face.

“The defendant then told the victim, ‘I loved you, now I am going to kill you!’ ” the documents state.

During the alleged attack, the couple’s teenage daughter showed up at the home with a friend, according to the affidavit. The daughter heard her father screaming and her mother calling for help. She went into the garage and ran toward her mother.

The teen’s father rushed toward the girl while she was trying to call 911. He pushed her against a truck and “began strangling her, and twisting her arm to drop the cell phone,” the documents state.

The teenager managed to escape, but the victim couldn’t see her or Rudalavage, the documents state. So the woman ran back to find her daughter.

“At this point, the defendant chased the victim back into the driveway while she had no shoes on,” the affidavit alleges. “While in the driveway, the defendant pushed the victim to the ground on the snow covered driveway, grabbed her by the hair, and slammed her head into the concrete multiple times.”

Rudalavage was later pulled off the victim by neighbors, the affidavit states.