Classroom fights are posted on social media regularly but rarely are adult educators the ones fighting.

A teacher and classroom paraprofessional were captured on camera in a fistfight inside a science class at Stone Mountain Middle School in Tucker, Ga., about 20 miles outside of Atlanta. A student filmed the May 19 fight and posted it on social media.

In the 24-second clip, two women appeared to punch and grab each other several times, while students yelled at them to stop.

“Everyone was screaming like stop, stop, stop,” a student told CBS46.

“I really couldn’t believe it,” student Madison Hall told WSB-TV2. “Like I thought it was kids fighting and then found out it was teachers. It was just bad.


The DeKalb County School District has declined to name the women. School officials told local media the women were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct in a public space.


The school sent a letter home to parents on May 23, notifying them of the incident and said that it remained under investigation, according to WSB-TV.

“The interaction and conduct in the video is completely unacceptable and contrary to our district’s tenets and core principles,” the school said in a statement. “Those staff members that participated in the conduct have been removed from the learning environment.”

Some parents have called for the women to be fired.

CBS46 spoke to students who said that after the fight, school officials came into the classroom, went through their cellphones and told them to delete any evidence of the brawl.


“Nobody apologized they just came in and were like who videotaped this and stuff like that,” one student said. “I think they were trying to push it under the rug so nobody would know about it and the school’s reputation wouldn’t be messed up.”

The school district said it was unaware of staff members going through students’ cellphones.

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