Two armed men made a fatal mistake when they stormed a pharmacy in the city of Campo Limpo Paulista in Brazil on Saturday and announced that they were robbing the place.

Among the shoppers was an off-duty Sao Paulo police sergeant, Rafael Souza, with his wife and infant. One of the men, wearing a masked hoodie, pointed a gun at Souza, who was carrying the infant on his left arm, police said.

According to the Brazilian paper Estadao, Souza pulled his own weapon and engaged the men in a 25-second running gun battle, some of which was captured on surveillance footage now circulating across the globe.

The video shows Souza with one eye on his targets and another on his wife, who is taking cover behind in one of the store’s aisles. At one point, his wife reaches out for the child. Souza, who is already firing at the men, pauses for a split second, darts back to her, hands off the child and resumes firing.

Ultimately he hit both men. When paramedics arrived on the scene, they were pronounced dead.

Souza told investigators he fired first because he believed they would have opened fire if he told them he was a police officer.

A similar incident happened in 2014 when an off-duty officer and his family were attacked by an armed robber on the street in Sao Paulo. The officer’s three-month-old daughter slipped out of her father’s hands and landed on the concrete. The officer fired at the attacker and held him until authorities arrived. His daughter suffered minor injuries.

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