President Trump Sunday night misquoted in a tweet a flattering column in the New York Post as lauding his “enormously consensual presidency.” He then corrected it to reflect the real word: “consequential.”

In the New York Post column, Michael Goodwin spoke highly of Trump’s year in office, writing that it “is turning out to be an enormously consequential presidency.” He also wrote that “despite my own frustration over his missteps, there has never been a day when I wished Hillary Clinton were president.”

In a late-night string of tweets, Trump directed his millions of followers to the column but misquoted it, replacing the word “consequential” with “consensual.” He also left out the author’s references to the president’s “missteps.” Instead of linking to the article, Trump tweeted out an email address for Goodwin.

Trump or someone acting on his behalf deleted the tweet shortly after posting it, replacing it with a new tweet correctly quoting the article and linking to it.

The president’s apparent error, however short-lived, was quickly captured in screen shots — and promptly mocked across social media.

The deleted tweet stirred memories of the famous late-night “covfefe” incident — the president’s garbled tweet about the press that became an instant worldwide joke.

President Trump tweeted a garbled late-night message that baffled everyone on Twitter. (Monica Akhtar/The Washington Post)

The president’s reference to consent also happened to coincide with the Golden Globe Awards, where Hollywood stars wore black to protest sexual misconduct in the workplace — as some Twitter users pointed out.

Others on Twitter brought up the fact that more than a dozen women accused President Trump of sexual misconduct during the 2016 presidential campaign. Amid the #MeToo sexual harassment movement, three women last month launched a renewed public push to gain attention for their allegations, which the White House dismissed. The president has denied any improprieties.