Suffolk County, N.Y., Police Chief Stuart Cameron holds up a weapon seized in an April 14 raid. (Suffolk County Police)

Police on Long Island seized an arsenal of illegal guns, including one equipped with a bump stock, along with hundreds of high capacity magazines from a pizza delivery man after checking out a “threatening” message he allegedly left for an employee at a school for troubled youth.

The man was apparently carrying a “grudge” against the employee of Summit School in Upper Nyack, N.Y., Suffolk County Police Chief Stuart Cameron said at a news conference Sunday. He “felt slighted by this individual from an encounter back in 2002,” Cameron said. Summit is a school for students “with social and emotional difficulties.”

Another school employee alerted police to the message, which was left on an answering machine. The call prompted police to make a “welfare check” Saturday at the home of Robert Csak, 32, of Lindenhurst, N.Y. Newsday described Csak as a pizza delivery man.

The apartment was sparsely furnished, with only a mattress, plastic chair and table. The officer, a military veteran, looked inside, saw the weapons and recognized them as illegal, Cameron said. Police then obtained a search warrant and seized them, Cameron said.

Cameron said the arsenal included 19 long guns, including what he described as assault weapons that are illegal in New York, night vision goggles, bulletproof vests, gas masks and hundreds of high capacity magazines.

Weapons seized by the Suffolk County police in a raid on April 14. (Suffolk County Police)

One of the long guns was equipped with a bump stock, a plastic or metal device which when attached to a semiautomatic weapon enables it to fire like a fully automatic rifle. Bump stocks gained widespread notoriety after Stephen Paddock used them to fire from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas in October, killing 58 people and wounding about 500.

Police went looking for Csak and arrested him, holding him on multiple illegal weapons charges. A hearing is scheduled for later in the week.

Suffolk County Police Seize Illegal Guns from Home

Suffolk County Police Seize Illegal Guns from Home Suffolk County Police today arrested Robert Csak, 32, of Lindenhurst on multiple weapons charges after more than a dozen guns, high-capacity magazines and ballistic equipment were found in his home during a search prompted by a threatening message left at a school. During a search of Csak's Lindenhurst home officers recovered 19 firearms, a silencer, more than 200 high-capacity magazines, a Tommy gun, night vision goggles, bulletproof vests, gas masks, knives, asps and a bump stock.

Posted by Suffolk County Police Department on Sunday, April 15, 2018

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