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The 13-year-old's case became the center of an ethical debate over the line between life and death.

A mother and her 79-year-old daughter were reunited in a Florida assisted living facility, thanks in part to

The film, panned at the time but beloved by millions, was a breakthrough as a romantic comedy about black people.

While penning thousands of stories, the writer also famously clashed with Frank Sinatra.

After suffering minor burns, the man turned himself in to police.

Suspicions that Donnie Rudd was involved in an unsolved 1991 murder led investigators to reexamine the 1973 death of his wife.

Police identified the man as Alexander Dunn, an aspiring rapper who goes by the stage name Dephree.

“Having started an organization that pushed for the end of sexual violence,” an FBI official wrote, Joel Davis “displayed the highest degree of hypocrisy” by allegedly trying to sexually exploit children.

"The use of rap music in preaching is not allowed," said a bishop in the Catholic Diocese of Homa Bay.

Todd Keeling, 48, was installing a new technology at the home of the Atlanta Braves. But he became trapped in a beer cooler in the ballpark and died.

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