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The Washington Post

This new artificial intelligence infuses images with tendrils, as though inky veins or creeping roots had taken over the world's landmarks.

The humanoid robot Kengoro is something of a synthetic Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Samsung has halted production after reports of fires in replacement devices.

At least eight cases of fires in the phones Samsung issued to replace earlier models have been reported, according to Korea's Yonhap News Agency.

Smoke began pouring from Brian Green's replacement phone as he prepared for a flight, causing the Southwest Airline flight to be evacuated.

Amid a lawsuit, Samsung and the Consumer Product Safety Commission warned that some machines "could pose a risk of personal injury or property damage."

"If you want to know who won the presidential debate, don't go to Twitter or Facebook. Just look at the dollar/Mexico peso."

YouTube's mass flagging idea gets flagged.

Once called a "Darth Vader of capitalism," Antar was charged with skimming more than $7 million from his publicly owned company.

In a sale display, a Florida Walmart set up Coke boxes to look like the twin towers and included a banner that stated, "We Will Never Forget."

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