Sears revolutionized rural black Southerners' shopping patterns in the late 19th century, defying racial hierarchies by allowing them to make purchases by mail or over the phone and avoid the blatant racism they faced at small country stores. 

At franchises nationwide, McDonald's employees walked out at noon and didn't return for the rest of the day in what organizers said was the first multi-state strike to target workplace sexual harassment. 

The famous fast-food special has become a point of contention among franchises in recent years.

It is the third time this year a Tesla driver claiming to be on autopilot hit a firetruck.

Is the computer code for making 3-D-printed guns free speech?

"Build-A-Bear is in chaos,” one shopper told the BBC. “Queuing from the store, all the way outside, approximately five-hour queue. There are even police here trying to keep the peace."

Xiaolang Zhang is accused of downloading files that included engineering schematics and technical reports, authorities say.

Trump aims his ire at an American staple that has weathered the Model T, the Depression and trade wars.

Placebo pills were put in spots meant for pills with hormones.

Harbor Freight Tools is recalling two models of 14-inch chain saws sold under three brands including Portland, One Stop Gardens and Chicago Electric.

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