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"Miss Cleo" wasn’t actually Jamaican, nor was she actually a psychic. Nor, it turned out, were most of those readings touted in those TV commercials actually free of charge.

Moscow City Hall announced its own version of Pokémon Go, in which players will have to find and catch historical figures in the city.

We now present to you, in all their glory, the weirdest things people did on Pokemon Go this weekend.

The director, writer and actor worked in Hollywood for six decades, helping launch the careers of legends like Henry Winkler, Ron Howard and Robin Williams.

For six years, "Game of Thrones" fans waited for winter in Westeros. It's here. But to film more of the show, the showrunners now have to wait for colder weather in the many locations where the show is shot.

TMZ reports that Swift's lawyer threatened to sue them for secretly recording their phone conversation with her, the one they released Sunday.

At the Star Wars Celebration Europe convention in London, Disney and Lucasfilm finally made it official: Alden Ehrenreich will play young Han Solo.

On IMDB, men rated rated "Ghostbusters," on average, a 3.6 out of ten. Women, on the other hand, rated it 7.7 out of ten.

The company says it was an experiment. Then again, it admits to conning the world.

Mrs. White served as one of the seven main characters in the board game Clue since 1949, but now she's been replaced with a woman boasting a PhD in plant toxicology.

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