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It took off so fast. Will it fall off just as quickly?

Artist Peter Doig wins a battle with the painting's owner.

By the time they figured out that his musical hobby was the problem, he was dead.

Over the weekend, two Irish women logged onto Twitter, boarded a plane and left their country in order to have an abortion.

And, yes, some of them cut him. A disease called pica could be the problem.

The mysterious 500-year-old book has stumped luminaries such as legendary codebreaker William F. Friedman.

They're fighting it with bug spray.

The old shoe will be returned to the wall, the university said, once researchers are able to determine its exact age.

The "burkini" -- a full-body swimsuit favored by some Muslim women that resembles a wetsuit worn by divers or surfers -- has become a political and cultural trigger point in France.

The festival features a mosquito-themed costume contest and awards the attendee with the "more horrible" mosquito squeak.

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