The Renaissance-era polymath may have suffered from a form of strabismus known as intermittent exotropia, according to recent research.

Had he been driving in Oregon, he might have been hit with a $500 fine.

The memorable epithets easily lend themselves to hashtags, memes and headlines. But whether they're a productive way of calling attention to the experiences of black Americans is a matter of debate.

The Trump Tower fire that killed 67-year-old Todd Brassner in April captured attention because of President Trump's silence on the man's death and for the lack of sprinklers in the building.

Nebraska ranks last among states that tourists most want to visit. State leaders are hoping some self-deprecating humor can help change that.

Is that legal?

Portland, Ore., has been the site of frequent clashes between the far-left and the far-right. That's bad news for police in the small community of Portland, Mich., which keeps getting angry messages on Facebook.

When MasculinUT, an initiative that aims to involve men in the prevention of sexual violence, drew conservative ire, the university put it on hold. It's now rolling out changes.

"This is what I miss more than anything, is my freedom,” Horace Roberts said after spending nearly 20 years in prison.

"It means that deep inside, she has a Jewish soul,” said the owner of the auction house putting the siddur up for sale.

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