Think your gift-giving game is strong? Just try and top these dads.

The fathers, from a parent group in Dallas, bought a car for a Lakewood Elementary School crossing guard after discovering that his car had been repossessed, according to ABC affiliate WFAA.

“My mother told me long before she passed, ‘Take care of your wife.’ So I try my best,” crossing guard Nathaniel Kendrick told the station. The retired Dallas city employee, who has worked as a crossing guard for 10 years, has been struggling with money while caring for his sick wife, WFAA reported.

Two weeks ago, his car was repossessed.

So a group of dads — called Friends of Lakewood — spent a week raising money to buy a Mercury sedan for Kendrick.

“We wouldn’t trade [Kendrick] for the world,” Russell McMillan said.

The dads drove the car to the crosswalk and parked it there — which, under normal circumstances, would be totally not cool. But they exited the car and told Kendrick he should move it … because, well, it was now his.

Kendrick, of course, was stunned. (I mean, if I showed up to your job and said, “Hey, see this car? It’s yours. Here ya go! Bye!” it’d take you a minute to absorb that information, right?)

“It was a real treat to get to see the look on this mans face when we were able to hand him his keys,” Friends of Lakewood wrote on their Facebook page. “He was speechless.”

Kendrick was thrilled. “I love it, it’s nice,” he told WFAA. To the fathers, he said: “Everything is good. I love you all so very much.”

Good work, dads.

You can watch the group’s video here.