(Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Wilson Ramos dropped by the Nationals’ clubhouse today as he continues the grueling rehab from surgery to repair the torn ACL and MCL in his right knee. Ramos limped through the room, but he was in good spirits and remains optimistic about a full recovery in time for next spring training.  

Ramos said he has lost five pounds and plans to lose more weight as he recovers. This month, he said, will bring an increase in what he can do. He still has yet to run, but he jogs in a pool and walks on an inclined treadmill. Ramos has been throwing since shortly after the surgery, and he plans to begin swinging again in December.

Ramos performs his rehab at Nationals Park and at a clinic in Alexandria. He lives near the ballpark and watches each game. The team’s success has made it harder for him to watch, but he’s, of course, thrilled for his teammates.

Ramos has been out since May 12, the night he twisted his knee as he chased a passed ball in Cincinnati. Without him, the Nationals relied on Jesus Flores and then traded the Oakland A’s for Kurt Suzuki.