(Alex Brandon/AP)

The Nationals have not heard any word from Major League Baseball regarding their benches-clearing confrontation with the Cubs last night, or about a possible suspension for reliever Michael Gonzalez, the only Nationals player to be ejected.

Manager Davey Johnson recommended to the Nationals’ front office that the Nationals send a letter to MLB lauding the umpiring crew’s handling of the situation.

“I tip my hat to the umpires,” Johnson said. “I thought they did a great job. They handled the situation correctly. The instigators were in the other dugout.”

Johnson said Cubs catcher Steve Clevenger was the biggest instigator. The replay showed Clevenger shoving Michael Morse with two hands in the middle of the pile. Johnson said Clevenger also took a swing at Ian Desmond, which is what triggered intense anger from Morse and pitcher Edwin Jackson.

The umpires ejected both Clevenger and reliever Manny Corpas, whom Johnson said jumped over the pile to try to land a punch.

“We just reviewed the film,” crew chief Jerry Layne said. “Even the people in the booth that was watching the game on the television picked up everyone of the people that we threw out by name on the TV monitor of what they’re watching. So they saw, fortunate enough, doesn’t mean just because they didn’t see it, they saw basically what we were seeing and the instigators of the true fight and those were the people that were ejected.”