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Here’s a news flash: Miami Marlins Manager Ozzie Guillen thinks baseball people talk a bit too much and have too many opinions. At least, that’s his take when it comes to the Nationals‘ decision to shut down pitcher Stephen Strasburg.

“It’s nobody’s [expletive] business what they do with Strasburg,” he said Friday, before his Marlins team prepared to face Strasburg. “It’s just funny why all the [expletive] people around baseball talk about that situation. That’s between Washington, Strasburg and the team. I look on the TV, they’re talking about that like they have the right to talk about it. A lot of people have opinions about what they should do… that’s the reason they’re on [expletive] TV behind the mike. … It’s funny when a lot of people have different [expletive] opinions. They do this for a reason, and it’s not my problem, it’s not baseball people’s problem. It’s one people’s problem — it’s Washington’s problems.”

“It’s funny how people are making a big deal about it, maybe it’s the TV time, a lot of [expletive] to cover on TV.”

Then, after catching his breath, Guillen offered his opinion.

“I think in my opinion what I see, do they need him, yes? But the four guys they have behind him are [expletive] good, too. …They’re winning every night, a different way,” he said. “Of course, the bullpen they have — that is the difference in any playoff, any  postseason. … I think the four guys out there, man, they’re good.”

“This kid, I don’t know how healthy he is, but [expletive], he threw 97 against us last time we faced him. It’s good.”

With a loss Friday night, Miami would be mathematically eliminated from winning the NL East title, a far cry from the Marlins’ preseason expectations. The Marlins moved into a new ballpark, hired Guillen, loaded up the roster and invited Showtime camera crews to town, and then struggled to win.

“I think you get what you deserve,” Guillen said. “The way we play, we’re not deserving to be in the pennant race. The way they play, they should be there. I thought this series would mean a lot for both teams. … Like I said, I thought this pennant race would be a little
bit closer in this division, but I think Washington overplays everyone in the division that’s why they are where they are.”