Nationals fans (Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

The Washington Nationals2013 schedule was released Wednesday, and they will open the season on April 1 at home against the Miami Marlins, be paired with the American League Central in interleague play and conclude the regular season on the road at the Arizona Diamondbacks on Sept. 29.

Because the Houston Astros are moving to the AL next season, teams will play 20 interleague games next season, more than before. The NL East was paired with the AL East this season, and will face the AL Central next season.

The regional rivalry between the Nationals and Baltimore Orioles will continue for the eighth straight season. The Nationals and Orioles will play a four-game series beginning on May 27, but the opening two games of the series will be at Nationals Park and the final two at Camden Yards.

The Nationals will host the Chicago White Sox for three games from April 9-11, the Detroit Tigers for two games May 7-8 and the Minnesota Twins for a three-game series beginning June 7. The Nationals will travel to Cleveland, Detroit and Kansas City for road interleague games.

The opening month of April will be brutal for the Nationals. They will play the White Sox and St. Louis Cardinals, and meet the Cincinnati Reds and Atlanta Braves for two series each. But 16 of the games that month will be at home. July will feature 17 home games, the most of any month next season.

In the months of June and July, the Nationals will play 24 of 36 games at home. May will have the fewest home games of any month at 10. The Nationals play eight straight division series, plus the Cardinals and the Diamondbacks to close season.  In all, teams will play 76 games against division opponents this season compared to 66 against league teams. 

The Nationals will be at home for Memorial Day — May 27 against the Orioles — and July 4 against the Milwaukee Brewers. The MLB season opener will be on March 31.

2013 schedule

April 1 Miami
April 3 Miami
April 4 Miami
April 5 at Cincinnati
April 6 at Cincinnati
April 7 at Cincinnati
April 9 Chicago White Sox
April 10 Chicago White Sox
April 11 Chicago White Sox
April 12 Atlanta
April 13 Atlanta
April 14 Atlanta
April 15 at Miami
April 16 at Miami
April 17 at Miami
April 19 at N.Y. Mets
April 20 at N.Y. Mets
April 21 at N.Y. Mets
April 22 St. Louis
April 23 St. Louis
April 24 St. Louis
April 25 Cincinnati
April 26 Cincinnati
April 27 Cincinnati
April 28 Cincinnati
April 29 at Atlanta
April 30 at Atlanta
May 1 at Atlanta
May 2 at Atlanta
May 3 at Pittsburgh
May 4 at Pittsburgh
May 5 at Pittsburgh
May 7 Detroit
May 8 Detroit
May 10 Chicago Cubs
May 11 Chicago Cubs
May 12 Chicago Cubs
May 13 at L.A. Dodgers
May 14 at L.A. Dodgers
May 15 at L.A. Dodgers
May 16 at San Diego
May 17 at San Diego
May 18 at San Diego
May 19 at San Diego
May 20 at San Francisco
May 21 at San Francisco
May 22 at San Francisco
May 24 Philadelphia
May 25 Philadelphia
May 26 Philadelphia
May 27 Baltimore
May 28 Baltimore
May 29 at Baltimore
May 30 at Baltimore
May 31 at Atlanta
June 1 at Atlanta
June 2 at Atlanta
June 4 N.Y. Mets
June 5 N.Y. Mets
June 6 N.Y. Mets
June 7 Minnesota
June 8 Minnesota
June 9 Minnesota
June 11 at Colorado
June 12 at Colorado
June 13 at Colorado
June 14 at Cleveland
June 15 at Cleveland
June 16 at Cleveland
June 17 at Philadelphia
June 18 at Philadelphia
June 19 at Philadelphia
June 20 Colorado
June 21 Colorado
June 22 Colorado
June 23 Colorado
June 25 Arizona
June 26 Arizona
June 27 Arizona
June 28 at N.Y. Mets
June 29 at N.Y. Mets
June 30 at N.Y. Mets
July 1 Milwaukee
July 2 Milwaukee
July 3 Milwaukee
July 4 Milwaukee
July 5 San Diego
July 6 San Diego
July 7 San Diego
July 8 at Philadelphia
July 9 at Philadelphia
July 10 at Philadelphia
July 11 at Philadelphia
July 12 at Miami
July 13 at Miami
July 14 at Miami
July 19 L.A. Dodgers
July 20 L.A. Dodgers
July 21 L.A. Dodgers
July 22 Pittsburgh
July 23 Pittsburgh
July 24 Pittsburgh
July 25 Pittsburgh
July 26 N.Y. Mets
July 27 N.Y. Mets
July 28 N.Y. Mets
July 30 at Detroit
July 31 at Detroit
Aug. 2 at Milwaukee
Aug. 3 at Milwaukee
Aug. 4 at Milwaukee
Aug. 5 Atlanta
Aug. 6 Atlanta
Aug. 7 Atlanta
Aug. 9 Philadelphia
Aug. 10 Philadelphia
Aug. 11 Philadelphia
Aug. 13 San Francisco
Aug. 14 San Francisco
Aug. 15 San Francisco
Aug. 16 at Atlanta
Aug. 17 at Atlanta
Aug. 18 at Atlanta
Aug. 19 at Chicago Cubs
Aug. 20 at Chicago Cubs
Aug. 21 at Chicago Cubs
Aug. 22 at Chicago Cubs
Aug. 23 at Kansas City
Aug. 24 at Kansas City
Aug. 25 at Kansas City
Aug. 27 Miami
Aug. 28 Miami
Aug. 29 Miami
Aug. 30 N.Y. Mets
Aug. 31 N.Y. Mets
Sept. 1 N.Y. Mets
Sept. 2 at Philadelphia
Sept. 3 at Philadelphia
Sept. 4 at Philadelphia
Sept. 6 at Miami
Sept. 7 at Miami
Sept. 8 at Miami
Sept. 9 at N.Y. Mets
Sept. 10 at N.Y. Mets
Sept. 11 at N.Y. Mets
Sept. 12 at N.Y. Mets
Sept. 13 Philadelphia
Sept. 14 Philadelphia
Sept. 15 Philadelphia
Sept. 16 Atlanta
Sept. 17 Atlanta
Sept. 18 Atlanta
Sept. 19 Miami
Sept. 20 Miami
Sept. 21 Miami
Sept. 22 Miami
Sept. 23 at St. Louis
Sept. 24 at St. Louis
Sept. 25 at St. Louis
Sept. 27 at Arizona
Sept. 28 at Arizona
Sept. 29 at Arizona

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