The Nationals clubhouse, though the lockers and valuable belongings were protected in plastic sheets and the carpeting covered with extra carpeting, was a complete mess on Monday night. Players sprayed beer and champagne all over each other celebrating the Nationals’ first National League East title as if they were children on Christmas morning. “It was a war zone in here,” Drew Storen said. “It was pretty awesome.”

The revelry was organized and the cleanup spearheaded by longtime clubhouse manager Mike Wallace. For the celebration, he ordered 60 bottles of Korbel and Dom Perignon 2002 and 20 cases of Miller Lite, or 480 cans, and had them chilling on ice in blue beverage containers. (And, of course, there was some sparkling apple cider for Bryce Harper and Adam LaRoche’s son, Drake, to drink.)

It was the third such clubhouse celebration Wallace has organized in his career, but the first for the Nationals. He oversaw one in 1987 as the visiting clubhouse manager in Texas when the Minnesota Twins clinched the AL West. And, with the Florida Marlins, he cleaned up the home clubhouse when they won Game 7 of the 1997 World Series.

“Throwing good parties you have to clean up,” Wallace said Tuesday, with a smile.

Wallace and the other clubhouse attendants stayed until nearly 5 a.m. Tuesday morning, heat cleaning, shampooing and drying the carpet in the Nationals clubhouse. But even then, by the afternoon, a few sections of the carpet still felt slightly wet, a faint reminder of the zaniness from the previous night.

“Cleaned up pretty good didn’t it?” Nationals Manager Davey Johnson said.