Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Nationals don’t know yet if they will be facing the Atlanta Braves or the St. Louis Cardinals, but they know they will play afternoon games for the opening two contests.

Major League Baseball announced that the Nationals will play at 3:07 p.m. Sunday at Atlanta or St. Louis, and the game will be televised on TBS. Monday’s game will be at 4:37 p.m., also on the road and on TBS.

The times for the Nationals’ home games have not yet been announced. The Nationals would host Game 3 on Wednesday, and if necessary, Game 4 on Thursday and Game 5 on Friday.

The Nationals share the same play days as the New York Yankees, who, as expected, received later time slots.

The Nats game will overlap with the Redskins’ 1 p.m. contest against the Atlanta Falcons. Visit the D.C. Sports Bog to vote on how that will affect your TV viewing.