Davey Johnson (Kathy Kmonicek/Associated Press)

Nationals Manager Davey Johnson said the feeling in his leg left has returned and received more treatment for a stiff back that forced him to leave the dugout of Wednesday’s regular season finale in the seventh inning.

The 69-year old manager, the oldest skipper in the major leagues, received six shots, three on each side of his spine his lower back, on Friday to help ease the inflammation. Bulging discs and pinched nerved led to the numb leg and pain. (Cortisone has helped ease the ailments of several notable Nationals players this season, such as Ryan Zimmerman and Danny Espinosa.)

“I feel a heck of a lot better,” he said Saturday at Busch Stadium, the temperature a chilly 50 degrees. “I have no pain, just a little stiff back. St. Louis weather isn’t helping it but I’m going to be fine.”

On Wednesday, Johnson nor the Nationals seemed concerned about his condition. Three days later, he reiterated that he was fine. “With Davey, he’s just got to stay healthy,” Gio Gonzalez said, with a smile. 

Michael Morse, who felt a spasm in his left hamstring while rounding the bases following a home run on Wednesday, is fine and will work out with the Nationals on Saturday, Johnson said. “Everybody is in really good shape,” he said.