Jeff Roberson / AP

The Nationals divvied up more than $2 million in playoff shares, Major League Baseball announced, handing out 49 full shares along with 6.65 partial shares and three cash awards.

For making the National League Division Series, the Nationals received $2,124,312.75 million from the players’ pool generated by playoff gate receipts. For the 49 Nationals who received one, a full share was worth $37,045.32.

While the Nationals handed out 49 full shares, only 43 players saw action this season for the Nationals. They also gave shares to coaches, clubhouse managers and other team personnel, which explains the discrepancy.

The Nationals, you surely need not be reminded, fell one strike short of beating the St. Louis Cardinals and advancing to the NL Championship Series. The Cardinals split a pot of $7,843,616.31, awarded full shares to 56 players worth $122,558.29. Each Nationals player who earned a full share, then, lost out on at least about $90,000 by losing Game 5 to the Cardinals.

The World Series champion San Francisco Giants handed out 50 full shares worth $377,002.64 a piece, while the AL champion Detroit Tigers awarded 48 full shares worth $284,274.50 each.