Jordan Zimmermann had a pretty nonchalant reaction to reaching a deal with the Nationals and avoiding an arbitration hearing. The sides settled at $5.35 million for one year, which amounted to something of a win for him, more than the midpoint between his request of $5.8 million and the Nationals’ offer of $4.8 million. Zimmermann would not have shied from the hearing room on Tuesday.

“I guess it’s important,” Zimmermann said. “Like I said the whole time, we were ready to go. We got to a number we thought was fair for us, and we took the deal.”

Zimmermann and the Nationals had not been focused on a possible multiyear extension, which may make sense for the team given the landscape across baseball. Zimmermann said he would be open to listening, but nothing is happening on that front.

“We’re going to take a few days off and just relax and worry about the baseball part of it, try to get ready for the season,” Zimmermann said. “If something does pop up, we’ll be there to listen. I’ll just what happens when the time comes. We’ll cross that bridge then.”

As Jon Heyman of pointed out, the late closing of Zimmermann’s case and two others means there will be no arbitration hearings for the first time since baseball implemented the system.