As part of our upcoming 2013 season preview, we thought it’d be fun to ask the Nationals about their earliest baseball memories.

For Drew Storen, it was getting pulled out of a tee-ball game after reaching third base because his dad didn’t want him playing with chicken pox. Davey Johnson remembered, at 6 years old, being the only kid who was able to catch his 9-year-old brother’s fastball. Ryan Zimmerman would hold his parents hostage in the backyard for hours playing wiffleball. Kurt Suzuki just liked eating snacks after Little League games.

See more memories from the Nats in the video below:

We also asked several Washington Post writers and baseball enthusiasts to reminisce a little bit. A 9-year-old George Will went to his first major league game in 1950 and got to see a grand slam. Tom Boswell just missed seeing a perfect game.

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