In the Morning Brushback, the at-bat of the game made its debut. This, along with Harry Pavlidis’s weekly blog posts, are our first steps in exploring baseball data in a slightly different way.

There is so much data available in baseball, and therefore so much data to interpret, that we figured we’d start small. But there will be many more small, and hopefully some big steps ahead. We’d love to hear the types of information you’d be interested in reading about and seeing as we move forward, so please tell us in the comments or email me directly

Each morning after a game in the Morning Brushback, Adam and James will select a particularly interesting at-bat and give a short description of it, and with information supplied by Pitch Info, Major League Baseball Advanced Media and Sportvision, we’ll show you the speed and pitch type for each pitch in the at-bat, where it was located in the zone (and out of the zone) and a break down of the pitches thrown by the pitcher involved.

Here are some examples from yesterday’s game: