In his online chat this morning, columnist Thomas Boswell was asked to talk panicky Nationals fans off the ledge after the team lost two of three in Cincinnati.

(Associated Press)

Boswell pleaded for Washington fans to calm down:

Ledge? Please? Come on, you know that’s silly.

Nats won’t have an easier series all year than Marlins at home with 1-2-3 starters going. They won’t have a harder series all year than three games in Cincy going with 4-5 starters in first two games. You’d look at that and say, “I’ll take 4-2 right now.”


Here’s what happened so far that matters. Detwiler looked absolutely excellent, especially pitching out of jams and trusting his stuff, on Saturday. His starts in Game Five, in the WBC out of the bullpen and Saturday are all of a piece — a talented lefty taking a step up. If he does, that changes gthe rotation for years and makes it SS, GG, JZ and RD.

Haren’s bad start matters, if it indicates a trend, but it’s far from that point. The 15-0 loss might have mattered some, to the first chunk of the season, if it had led to a flat ugly losing streak. Instead, it led to an amazing 7-6 five-homer win.


And a 5-1 blown bullpen lead. A lot of digest in that one! Is baseball exciting enough after just one week?


Also, the start by Wilson Ramos, with that two-homer game in Cincy, is really a big piece of the long-term Nats picture. When he was hurt in Cincy last year, you wondered if he’d come back as good. It looks like he lost some weight and came back BETTER. If you had to root for one player, you might pick Ramos after his kidnapping and injury. He’s a big talent, fine person at a vital position.


Also, Suzuki’s reborn hitting in late ’12 now seems to be 100 percent real. He had a long homer, scorched double off Cueto, then doubled off LF wall off Chapman on Sunday. And he was “on” every pitch with authority, even on his one fly out against Cueto (when he looked disgusted that he hadn’t blasted that one, too.) Nats could get a big offensive boost from that (always fresh) catching tandem.


Soriano’s looked good twice, but worrisome vs Reds. Harper had a tough decision on Votto’s high fly off top of LF wall. He jumpoed for it — didn’t get within 2 feet of it. That turned a routine =7 into a triple. And that extra base led to the run that caused extra innings. Not a “mistake.” But the wrong decision; if Harper plays for a double, Soriano gets the save.

Let see about 20 more save chances for him.

What do you think Nats fans, do agree with Boz that it’s too early to read into a series loss?