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Jayson Werth is not back in the Nationals’ lineup on Wednesday, as previously expected, because of the wet conditions and because the team doctor was scheduled to evaluate his tight right hamstring close to game time. Werth last played six days ago on May 2 in Atlanta.

Even though the Nationals hoped Werth would return for Tuesday’s game, Manager Davey Johnson didn’t want to risk further aggravation on a slippery field. The game was rained out. With wet conditions yet again on Wednesday, Johnson wasn’t willing to take the chance with the right fielder.

“I’d like to have him in the lineup but I want to be on the safe side,” Johnson said. He also said Werth told him the right hamstring still had remnants of the tightness that first appeared on April 29 in Atlanta. Already dealing with the leg muscle discomfort, Werth left in the eighth inning of that game after he fouled a ball of his left ankle. Originally fearing more for the ankle, Werth played two days later but lasted only five innings after feeling the hamstring tighten again.

The Nationals’ team doctor, Wiemi Douoguih, was expected to evaluate Werth at 6 p.m. on Wednesday and put him and his hamstring through a series of tests, including running, Johnson said. Werth’s personal doctor evaluated Werth and cleared him, Johnson said, adding that there was no pull of the hamstring and it was simply tight. A hamstring pull would be a more serious injury that would likely result in a stint on the disabled list.

Johnson, however, again reiterated the the injury isn’t major and won’t require a trip to the disabled list. That, however, could still hinge on Douoguih’s assessment.

“I don’t think that severe,” Johnson said. “His doctor cleared him. Don’t take me there,” he added, laughing. “I don’t want to know. He’s got a doctor for about everything.”