(Shawn Thew / EPA) (Shawn Thew / EPA)

Jayson Werth will rest one more day because of a tight hamstring before likely returning to the Nationals lineup, Nationals Manager Davey Johnson said following Thursday’s game. Werth could return as early as Saturday against the Chicago Cubs after resting the injury since May 2.

Werth hasn’t played the fifth inning of the game in Atlanta last week when the leg muscle tightened up again. He had rested the two previous days after the hamstring tightness first appeared and also because of a foul ball off his left ankle.

Werth wasn’t a candidate to land on the disabled list because the Nationals didn’t believe the hamstring injury was serious enough. That belief was confirmed when Werth’s MRI exam results came back negative on Thursday. Werth was given antibiotics for a stomach bug that has been dehydrating him and that the Nationals believed was the cause of the muscle cramping.

Before Thursday’s game, Werth tested his legs by taking batting practice, stretching and running in the outfield, all of which he performed without any apparent difficulty.