(Elsa / Getty Images)

The Nationals will try to snap out of their offensive malaise tonight with a reconfigured lineup. They have received little production from the No. 2 spot in Jayson Werth’s absence. Tonight, Manager Davey Johnson moved his best hitter, Bryce Harper, to the two spot.

“I had thought about it,” Johnson said. “It was funny. I was having a little conversation with Harper and Denard Span [in the dugout]. I was coming in from extra hitting. Getting thoughts from them. Harper said he and [Ryan Zimmerman] were talking about the lineup, maybe moving back to last year with Harper hitting second. I said, ‘If you guys are good for it, I’m good for it.’ ”

The drawback is putting two lefties together at the top of the order, but both Span and Harper have shown the ability to hit left-handers should Bruce Bochy match up late in the game.  They’ll try to give Stephen Strasburg some runs against Matt Cain. Talk about the game right here.