The Nationals announced Monday the first wave of draft pick signings, agreeing to terms with 22 of their 39 selections in the 2013 draft held on June 8. The Nationals, with baseball’s smallest draft bonus pool allotment of $2.737 million for picks in the first 10 rounds, have reached an agreement with eight of their top nine picks.

They inked their top pick, second-rounder Jake Johansen, less than 24 hours after drafting him and now add their next highest pick to the list of signees, third-round selection Drew Ward, a high school infielder from Oklahoma. The highest unsigned selection is fourth-rounder Nicholas Pivetta, hard-throwing right-hander out of New Mexico Junior College.

The Nationals have to get more creative with year’s past in signing this crop of selections than in the past. They forfeited their first-round pick, which would have been No. 29 overall, this winter when they signed closer Rafael Soriano in free agency. The Yankees, Soriano’s former team, received the No. 33 pick as compensation, and the Nationals also lost the accompanying bonus pool allotment for their first-round selection.

The Nationals signed Johansen to a $820,000 signing bonus, precisely the recommended slot for the No. 68 overall pick. But, according to Baseball America, they overspent by a lot to lure left-handed, power-hitting infielder Ward, who had the bargaining power of an oral commitment to play college baseball for Oklahoma. They signed him to $850,000 signing bonus, far more than the $491,200 recommend slot for his No. 105 overall selection. Ward, a 6-foot-4, 210-pound 18-year-old, rearranged his classes and and was allowed to enter the draft after graduating high school a year early.

The Nationals went heavy on pitching in this year’s draft, using 22 of 39 draft picks on them. Most of this year’s picks, 21 in fact, were also from universities, with nine from high school and nine from junior colleges. The terms of all signings were not all immediately available, but scouting bible Baseball America keeps a database.

The signed picks (round, overall selection, position, name, school): 

2, 68, RHP, Jacob Johansen, Dallas Baptist (TX) University

3, 105, Drew Ward, 3B, Leedey (OK) High School

5, 166, Austin Voth, RHP, University of Washington

6, 196, Cody Gunter, 3B/C, Grayson County (TX) College

7, 226, Jimmy Yezzo, 1B, University of Delaware

8, 256, David Napoli, LHP, Tulane (LA) University

9, 286, Jake Joyce, RHP, Virginia Tech University

10, 316, Brennan Middleton, SS, Tulane (LA) University;

14, 436, David Masters, SS, Central Arizona College

15, 466, William Ballou, CF, Marshall (WV) University

18, 556, Cory Bafidis, LHP, Texas Wesleyan University

19, 586, Niko Spezial, LHP, Wake Forest (NC) University

21, 646, Justin Thomas, LHP, Southern Arkansas University

22, 676, Cody Dent, SS, University of Florida

23, 706, Garrett Gordon, RF, Wabash Valley (IL) College

24, 736, Matthew DeRosier, RHP, Southwestern (CA) Comm. College

25, 766, Travis Ott, LHP, Shippensburg (PA) High School

28, 856, Joey Webb, LHP, Menlo (CA) College

29, 886, Michael Sylvestri, RHP, Florida Atlantic University

30, 916, Ryan Ullmann, RHP, Concordia (TX) University

31, 946, Willie Medina, SS, High Point (NC) University

34, 1036, Jake Walsh, LHP, University of Missouri


The remaining unsigned picks (round, overall selection, position, name, school):

4, 136, Nicholas Pivetta, RHP, New Mexico Junior College

11, 346, John Simms, RHP, Rice (TX) University

12, 376, Andrew Cooper, RHP, Sierra (CA) Junior College

13, 406, John Costa, RHP, Palm Beach (FL) Comm. College

16, 496, Willie Allen, OF, Western Oklahoma State College

17, 526, Geoffrey Perrott, C, Rice (TX) University

20, 616, Brenton Allen, OF, University of California-Los Angeles

26, 796, Garrett Hampson, SS, Reno (NV) High School

27, 826, Bryce Harman, OF, L.C. Bird (VA) High School

32, 976, Pat Boling, LHP, University of Georgia

33, 1006, Andrew Dunlap, RHP, Westbury (TX) Christian

35, 1066, Lukas Schiraldi, RHP, Navarro (TX) Junior College

36, 1096, Reid Humphreys, SS, Northwest Rankin (MS) High School

37, 1126, Karsten Whitson, RHP, University of Florida

38, 1156, Caleb Hamilton, SS, Woodinvillie (WA) High School

39, 1186, Robbie Tenerowicz, 2B, Campolindo (CA) High School

40, 1216, Shaun Anderson, RHP, American Heritage (FL) School