(Gene J. Puskar, AP)

Having been cleared to walk and jog without a knee brace, Bryce Harper may resume baseball activities within the next two days, General Manager Mike Rizzo said. Harper has been out since May 26 with bursitis in his left knee and last week received a cortisone shot from renowned orthopedist Dr. James Andrews to relieve pain and swelling.

“It’s been good progress,” Rizzo said. “That allows us to ramp it up. Now he’ll go from activities to baseball activities, and we’ll build from that.”

After Harper played through pain for more than a month, the Nationals now want to use caution in Harper’s recovery. Harper has worried he may to play through the injury all season, a stress the Nationals want to avoid for their 20-year-old superstar.

“When it gets stressed and hit again, there’s a possibility it could swell up again,” Rizzo said. “It’s something he’s certainly going to have to monitor, and we’ll see if it happens again and if we have to treat it again.”

This year, the Nationals are 9-17 in games when Harper does not start.

“We obviously understand that Bryce is a very talented baseball player and is a key part of our team,” shortstop Ian Desmond said Tuesday night. “He makes up quite a bit. But what we have is enough. We’ve played and we’ve proven that the guys who are here are capable big leaguers and it’ll all come together.”