Danny Espinosa got off to a slow start after being sent down. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Last week at the All-Star Game, Scott Boras said he wanted to talk with Nationals General Manager Mike Rizzo about second baseman Danny Espinosa. Boras understood the Nationals held total control of the situation; he just wanted to know where Espinosa stood.

Today, Rizzo chafed when a reporter brought up the idea that a strong recent performance would catapult Espinosa back to the majors, in part because he has yet to scout Espinosa at Class AAA Syracuse.

“He’s played well, you’re saying? Because he’s got some hits?” Rizzo said. “I haven’t seen him play. I don’t go by the box scores, because to me that’s silly, to make an evaluation if a guy belongs in the big leagues by looking at the box score. I’ll have to defer the question until I actually see him play.”

After a vicious struggle to begin his stint in the minors, Espinosa has gone for 18 for his past 47 with six walks and 11 strikeouts. Rizzo said he would consider bringing Espinsoa back to the majors the same way he would consider calling up any player from Class AAA.

“We’re going to evaluate him like we do every other player,” Rizzo said. “What we’ve shown is, if guys are going to help the big league club by bringing him up, we’re certainly going to help the big league club by bringing them up. We’re going to evaluate them, scout them, see where they’re at.”