Steve McCatty (right) talking with Jordan Zimmermann and Kurt Suzuki. (Katherine Frey/TWP)

Pitching coach Steve McCatty returned to the Nationals dugout tonight after he missed six games and spent three nights in a Washington hospital with an irregular heartbeat. He said he was happy to be back but did not have time to talk, working his way though the clubhouse in his curmudgeonly ribald manner.

McCatty half-jokingly threatened to hit a reporter with a bat for writing erroneously that he had suffered high blood pressure. As he trudged out to the field at about 4:09 p.m., he passed closer Rafael Soriano, who was sitting at his locker without a jersey on, and barked, “What time’s the 4:10 stretch?”

“He looks good,” Manager Davey Johnson said. “He’s his old irritable self.”

Pitching coordinator Spin Williams had served as the Nationals’ pitching coach for three games in Milwaukee.