Before he laced the game-winning hit, Ian Desmond nearly recorded an unusual double play. He ended up covering as two Marlins base runners dove into third base at the same time. He tagged Logan Morrison, who had been caught in a rundown between third and home by Ryan Zimmerman. He tried next to tag Donovan Solano, who started the play on first base, but wasn’t quite in time.

“Probably not very close,” Desmond said.

Two funny things about the play, aside from the yakety-sax visual: If Desmond had tagged neither player the result would have been the same – two players cannot occupy the same base at the same time. And Desmond thought he could have made a smarter play.

“It probably wasn’t a very good play on my part, actually,” Desmond said. “I probably should have just them run all the way back and see what they did. Sometimes you can get a double play out of that, by letting them try to figure out who’s supposed to be on the bag, who’s not supposed to be on the bag. That was probably a little bit of a mistake on my part. Fortunately, we were able to get one.”

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