(John Bazemore / AP)

Manager Davey Johnson left the Nationals’ 3-2 loss in the fourth inning after feeling light-headed, which he attributed to dehydration. Johnson’s condition is not considered to be serious and he expects to return to the dugout Saturday without any issue.

“I’ll survive,” Johnson said as he left his office late Friday night.

In the afternoon, Johnson felt dehydrated after his afternoon walk. He seemed his usual self during his pregame briefing with reporters and Nationals batting practice. In the early innings, though, Johnson began to feel dizziness. After trying to remain in the game, Johnson went back to the Nationals clubhouse. Bench coach Randy Knorr took over managerial duties.

“Oh, he’s fine,” Knorr said. ”I think he’s just coming down with something. He got a little lightheaded, so he just went back upstairs. He’s fine, though. I think he might be catching a cold or something.”

Knorr also handled the post-game press conference, and he had some blunt things to say about Bryce Harper’s not hustling in the eighth inning. You can read about that here.