Stephen Strasburg threw a bullpen session on Monday and the right-hander said he had no issues. After dealing with tightness in his right forearm when trying to play catch last week, Strasburg said he was relieved to know that the discomfort he felt in his throwing arm was simply cramping. “Sometimes your body does things that have never done before,” he said.

After being scratched from his start last Friday, Strasburg and Manager Davey Johnson both said the right-hander will make his next start on Thursday against the Miami Marlins.

“He feels great,” Johnson said. “We’re by it. He wasn’t even picking up a ball and now he had a great ‘pen.”

Strasburg felt the tightness when trying to play catch in New York last Thursday. He was toying with new grips on a pitch when he couldn’t even finish throwing because of the discomfort.

“I was trying to stretch it too aggressively,” he said. “Wasn’t necessarily throwing a certain pitch. I’ve been messing around with pitches all year. The trainer said when you try and stretch it so much your body’s natural reaction is to cramp up, which is what I was feeling. They got me on some anti-inflammatories and got it to calm down and haven’t had a problem since.”

Combined with the two days of rest, Strasburg said he feels better. He views this experience as one to learn from. He didn’t expect his forearm to tighten up like it did while working with new grips on pitches, as he has done all season. “But it did and I know not to do it in September next year,” he said.

Ross Ohlendorf, who filled in for Strasburg last Friday, will start on Wednesday and Strasburg will follow the next day. The rest of the starting rotation will fall in line behind him, each starter gaining an extra day of rest.