Alex Brandon/AP

The bat had been so good to Jayson Werth. He had used it for weeks without breaking it, and he wasn’t going to change until he had to. “I like for them to die a soldier’s death,” Werth would say later. He thought he might have cracked it as he fouled off Patrick Corbin’s changeup. He searched for a splinter mark and found none. He took one more swing, and there was no doubt. The bat shattered as he fouled off a fastball.

“So it reached as far as it could go, I guess,” Werth said. “The bat boy, I think his name was Bobby. He ran out the Savoy Special to me and we got it done.”

On the very next pitch, Werth demolished Corbin’s 92-mph fastball. The ball banged off the face of the upper deck in left field. ESPN’s Hit Tracker estimated it traveled 448 feet, which matched the longest home run of his major league career. Werth’s 25th homer had broken a tie, sent the Nationals ahead, 5-2, and provided an exclamation on his excellent season.

“I hit that one pretty good,” Werth said. “Coming down the end of the season here, you kind of feel like that might’ve been my last one. So that was a good one. I enjoyed that.”

The homer was Werth’s longest in the regular season. You may recall the monster homer he bashed in spring training last year, which Boz believed to have traveled somewhere around 490 feet. Werth remembered a longer homer he hit even earlier in his baseball life.

“I hit one in high school that went a little farther than that,” Werth said. “Aluminum bat, so that doesn’t really count.”

Werth’s homer gave the Nationals the lead, and three innings later Wilson Ramos put it away with another three-run homer. The towering blast to left was his 16th homer of the season, which is remarkable for a catcher who missed two months. He has hit a homer once every 17.8 at-bats, which ranks 21st among players with at least 275 plate appearances.

“I’m very happy for what I did this year,” Ramos said. “I know I’m coming back from the surgery and two injuries in my hammy, but I’m happy for what I did. I was thinking ‘Finish healthy.’ I’s not about the numbers, but I made pretty good numbers this year. So I think right now what I can do if I’m healthy all year. So this offseason I want to work on my body, try to get healthy all season next year and see what happens — see what I can do.”