Jonathan Newton/WP

The Nationals announced their 2014 spring training schedule and they will play 31 games, 14 of them at Space Coast Stadium in Viera in what could be the team’s last spring training there.

The Nationals will open Grapefruit League play on Feb. 28 against the New York Mets in Port St. Lucie. The Nationals will host their first home game on March 1 against the Atlanta Braves. The Nationals will play their regular staple of Grapefruit League opponents often: the Mets, Braves, Marlins, Astros and Cardinals.

Other spring training highlights include a home and away set against the New York Yankees. The Nationals will play the Yankees in Tampa on March 3 and then host them in Viera on March 11. The Nationals will do the same with the Detroit Tigers, playing them in Lakeland on March 14 and then in Viera two days later.

The Nationals close out their Grapefruit League play against the Mets on March 27. On March 29, the Nationals will host the Tigers at Nationals Park for an exhibition game. Game times will be announced at a later date. The schedule is below:

February 28, New York Mets, Port St. Lucie

March 1, Atlanta Braves, Viera

March 2, Miami Marlins, Viera

March 3, New York Yankees, Tampa

March 4, Atlanta Braves, Orlando

March 5, New York Mets, Viera

March 6, Atlanta Braves, Orlando

March 7, Houston Astros, Viera

March 8, Atlanta Braves, Viera

March 8, St. Louis Cardinals, Jupiter

March 9, St. Louis Cardinals, Viera

March 10, Houston Astros, Viera

March 11, New York Yankees, Viera

March 12, Atlanta Braves, Orlando

March 12, Houston Astros, Kissimmee

March 13, New York Mets, Viera

March 14, Detroit Tigers, Lakeland

March 15, Miami Marlins, Jupiter

March 16, Detroit Tigers, Viera

March 16, Houston Astros, Kissimmee

March 17, Detroit Tigers, Lakeland

March 19, Houston Astros, Viera

March 20, Detroit Tigers, Viera

March 21, St. Louis Cardinals, Jupiter

March 22, Miami Marlins, Viera

March 23, New York Mets, Port St. Lucie

March 24, Miami Marlins, Jupiter

March 25, New York Mets, Viera

March 26, St. Louis Cardinals, Jupiter

March 27, New York Mets, Port St. Lucie

March 29, Detroit Tigers, Washington, DC