Ray K. Saunders/WP

So in light of the recently reported news that Nationals asked the District for $300 million to pay for the installation of a retractable roof over Nationals Park — a proposal that “shocked” Mayor Vincent Gray, according to a person close to the mayor’s office — here’s a look at just how often weather has delayed or postponed Nationals home games since they moved to the current stadiums in 2008.

According to Major League Baseball, the Nats had 52 postponements and 36 delays or games called early because of weather from 2008-12.

2008: Nats had six delays and two postponements (Throughout MLB, 155 games were affected by weather — postponements, delays, called games).

2009: Nats have seven delays and three postponements (MLB-wide: 210 games)

2010: Nats had six delays (MLB-wide: 130 games)

2011: Nats had 10 delays and four postponements (MLB-wide:180 games)

2012: Nats had seven delays and three postponements (MLB-wide: 127 games)

2013: Nats had four postponements because of weather (The number of delays in 2013 provided by MLB are partially complete.)