Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Nationals avoided arbitration with top set-up reliever Tyler Clippard by agreeing to a one-year contract, ensuring they will not require a contentious hearing with any of their 10 players eligible for arbitration.

With a week before his scheduled hearing, Clippard and the Nationals settled on a $5.875 million salary for 2014. When the sides filed salary figures on Jan. 17, Clippard asked for $6.35 million and the Nationals offered $4.45 million. So, Clippard’s salary will be slightly over that midpoint.

Clippard has been the most durable and one of the most effective relievers in baseball since he earned a full-time spot in the Nationals’ bullpen in 2010. Last season, Clippard posted a 2.41 ERA in 71 innings with 73 strikeouts and a 0.859 WHIP. Clippard was an all-star in 2011 and recorded 32 saves in 2012, which explains why he earned such a large salary for a reliever.

For the second straight season, the Nationals will not go to an arbitration hearing with any of their players.

With Clippard’s salary settled, the Nationals’ payroll appears to be set at $126.95 million, which would surpass last year’s team record by more than $15 million.