Steve McCatty, left, and Gio Gonzalez talk earlier during spring training. (Alex Brandon/Associated Press)

The Nationals traveled to Jupiter not to try find an intergalactic challenge more difficult than hitting a baseball, but to play the Cardinals. The Nationals used their regular lineup for the past two days, and those players received a break today. You have to squint to find three regulars in the Nationals’ travel roster today. Gio Gonzalez will start against Adam Wainwright (where have we seen that before?) and Danny Espinosa is probably the most notable player in the order. 


1. Jeff Kobernus, CF

2.Danny Espinosa, SS

3. Scott Hairston, LF

4. Tyler Moore, 1B

5. Jose Lobaton, C

6. Jamey Carroll, 2B

7. Jose Lozada, 3B

8. Caleb Ramsey, RF

9. Gio Gonzalez, SP