(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Jose Lobaton is out of the lineup, as Matt Williams planned even before A.J. Burnett drilled him in the shin with a 90-mph fastball in Saturday night’s 7-2 loss to the Phillies. Lobaton said his shin feels better and less swollen than he expected, and he could play today and has no reason to think he won’t start Monday.

Danny Espinosa is out so both Kevin Frandsen, who will man third, and Nate McLouth can play. Anthony Rendon will move to second base for the day.

The reason for the odd 3:05 p.m. start time today: Philadelphia hosted a 10-mile race this morning, and it happens to be the biggest 10-mile road race in the country. The fear of traffic snarl pushed the game back.


1. Denard Span, CF

2. Kevin Frandsen, 3B

3. Jayson Werth, RF

4. Adam LaRoche, 1B

5. Anthony Rendon, 2B

6. Ian Desmond, SS

7. Nate McLouth, LF

8. Sandy Leon,  C

9. Gio Gonzalez, SP


1. Ben Revere, CF

2. Jimmy Rollins, SS

3. Chase Utley, 2B

4. Marlon Byrd, RF

5. Ryan Howard, 1B

6. Carlos Ruiz, C

7. John Mayberry Jr, LF

8. Jayson Nix, 3B

9. Roberto Hernandez, SP