Nate McLouth lost some skin making an impressive catch Monday night. (Alex Brandon/Associated Press)

The afternoon after he made a spectacular but painful catch in left field, Nate McLouth still hadn’t seen a replay of the play and collision. He didn’t need to; he knows what happened. “I know it pretty much went catch, boom, wall,” he said. His body, too, showed the after-effects of the daring play.

McLouth banged his right knee and right hand against the wall in foul territory in left field in the eighth inning of Monday’s game. He exited but only, he said, because a chunk of skin was cut off a right finger and was bloody. On Tuesday afternoon, he said his right knee was fine. His right finger was covered in a bandage, which he pulled away to reveal a sizable portion of missing skin, as if a large blister was ripped off.

McLouth’s hand didn’t require stitches and he could be available off the bench Tuesday, but that depends on how he felt after pre-game batting practice and throwing. Gripping a bat and ball would be difficult with the bandage and cut.

“I think he’ll be fine,” Manager Matt Williams said. “It’s not a long term deal.”

“I tried to slide a little bit early so I could almost coast into it on my butt so I wasn’t going so fast, too,” said McLouth, adding it was probably one of the most dangerous catches of his career. “I was kinda lucky, too, to be honest with you. Sliding and knowing you’re going to be close, but still get your glove out.”

>>> Bryce Harper will not travel with the Nationals during this upcoming six-game road trip to Oakland and Phoenix. Harper, coming off thumb surgery last week, will have the stitches removed from his hand while the Nationals are out of town, Williams said.

>>> The results of Ryan Zimmerman’s weekly X-ray on his fractured right thumb were good and he will soon begin his rehab. Although the bone is still fractured, Williams said the healing is to the point where Zimmerman can commence some activities.

“We’ve got to be cautious these days because he’s feeling better and wants to do more but it’s not quite bone yet,” Williams said.

>>> Adam LaRoche has been playing a tight quad for about a week and, although Williams said it was improving, the first baseman still hobbled out of the batter’s box after a hit on Monday night. The injury, technically a quad strain, has improved but LaRoche is guarding it, Williams said.

“I don’t think he really wants to stretch it unless he has to,” Williams said. “I think the hobble is a little by design. They got him really wrapped up so he can’t really extend fully extend as he runs anyway so it looks like he’s hobbling a little bit. It feels a little better but it’s not something that’s not going to away overnight. … It’s one of those things where complete rest would make it go away but that requires an extended period of time. He doesn’t feel like he doesn’t want to do that and we certainly love him in the lineup.”