Washington Nationals manager Matt Williams continued to talk baseball during a live radio interview with "The Sports Junkies" after he was rear-ended by a car involved in a high-speed chase Wednesday. (106.7 The Fan WJFK-FM)

Matt Williams had just pulled off I-395, finishing his weekly radio interview on 106.7 The Fan on Wednesday morning as he sat in traffic. With his Tahoe stopped under the M Street overpass, waiting for the light to turn green, Williams’s morning got weird.

A car “nudged” his bumper and squeezed through the traffic. Two police cars followed. A helicopter flew overhead. And Williams described it all on live radio.

“It was odd,” Williams said, providing the understatement of the day.

The bumper of Williams’s car needs fixing, but otherwise there were no ill effects.

“I’m good,” Williams said. “I’m fine. No worries. Car’s not real good. But I’m good.”

Williams said law enforcement officials contacted him, and he is “assuming” they will speak with him Wednesday at Nationals Park, sometime before the Nationals leave on a flight to Oakland. Williams said he was told police had caught the man who bumped into his car while trying to flee.

“There was a helicopter and everything,” Williams said. “Everything is fine, though. I guess they apprehended him. Reports are that they found him, took him into custody.”

The start to Williams’s day would have been strange no matter what. The fact that it happened live on the radio only added to it.

“It’s bizarre, anyway,” Williams said. “I’m just sitting there, waiting for the light to go green.”