(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Over the weekend, Tyler Moore mentioned that playing left field in recent seasons has helped make him a better first baseman.”It made me more athletic,” Moore said. “It made me use my legs a little more, so I think that’s helped out with both positions. Sometimes you play first so much, you get in the mode of not having to run so far. It’s not like you’re lazy. You just don’t have to do as much.”

Really, this is an excuse to run this photo. In the first inning Sunday, Moore made a tremendous diving catch in foul ground. Serendipitously for the shooters, he leaped directly at the camera well, which allowed the AP’s Alex Brandon to capture this unique image of Moore in flight.

And, yeah, with Adam LaRoche on the disabled list, Moore has been playing a good first base, his dropped foul pop-up on Friday aside.

“I feel good. I feel confident over there,” Moore said. “I think that comes with getting to play. It’s a lot differently starting the game than coming in late defensively. There’s a lot more anxiety. Once you get in there and you feel comfortable starting again, it feels good.”