The tarp is pulled onto the field on Tuesday. (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

Tuesday’s postponed Nationals-Marlins game will be made up with a doubleheader when the teams meet Sept. 26-28  in the final series of the regular season, according to reliever Drew Storen, the Nationals player representative to the players’ union. This creates the possibility of the Nationals playing two meaningful games in one day that could affect their playoffs hopes in the regular season’s final days.

Playing a doubleheader on Wednesday wasn’t considered, Storen said, because of the logistical difficulties. And Thursday wasn’t an option because players didn’t want to give up their offday; both the Marlins and Nationals had a mutual offday that day.

“The offdays are so valuable this time of year you’re going to try to preserve them as much as you can,” Storen said.

The Nationals have not yet announced the day of the makeup game.

Storen said the Nationals could benefit from a September makeup simply because they should be healthier and will have more options with September call-ups. “We want to put in a doubleheader in September because we’ll have more guys,” Storen said. “Offdays are so valuable. That was kind of our main thought. Doubleheaders in September are different.”