The Nationals announced the signing of 24 players selected in the MLB First-Year Player Draft two weeks ago, but first-rounder, and 18th overall selection, Erick Fedde and second-rounder Andrew Suarez remained unsigned. Third-rounder Jakson Reetz, considered the best high school catcher of the draft, headlines the group. According to, Reetz signed for above slot at $800,000. The assigned value for the 93rd overall pick was $567,300, but Reetz had negotiating leverage with an offer to play baseball at the University of Nebraska.

The Nationals have until July 18 to sign their draft picks. Fedde is advised by Scott Boras, who has a strong relationship with Nationals ownership and front office, and also represents several Nationals players. The assigned signing bonus value for the 18th pick is $2,145,600. Fedde, a star junior pitcher at the UNLV whose draft value was hurt because of his elbow injury, underwent Tommy John surgery two days before the Nationals selected him.

The Nationals are also bullish on Suarez, a junior from the University of Miami who throws in the low 90s. The assigned signing bonus value for the No. 57 pick is $987,800. The Nationals began their negotiations in earnest with their top two picks over the weekend.

Notable among the signings is 15th-rounder Ryan Ripkin, Cal Ripken’s son and a 6-foot-6, 230-pound slugger from Indian River State. The Nationals have the eighth-smallest signing bonus pool at $5.275 million for rounds 1-10. A team is penalized if it spends more than its cap amount.

Below is a list of drafted players, with signed players in bold:

RD                 PICK             PLAYER                              POS              SCHOOL

1                      (18)               Erick Fedde                      RHP              UNLV

2                      (57)               Andrew Suarez             LHP               Miami

3                      (93)               Jakson Reetz                 C                     Norris (NE) HS

4                     (124)             Robbie Dickey              RHP              Blinn (TX) JC

5                      (154)             Drew Van Orden          RHP              Duke

6                     (184)            Austen Williams          RHP              Texas State

7                      (214)             Dale Carey                        CF                   Miami

8                     (244)            Jeff Gardner                   LF                   Louisville

9                     (274)            Austin Byler                    1B                   Nevada-Reno

10                   (304)            Matthew Page              RF                  Oklahoma Baptist

11                    (334)            Weston Davis                RHP              Manatee (FL) HS

12                    (364)            Domenick Mancini    RHP              Miami (FL) Dade CC

13                    (394)            Austin Davidson          3B                  Pepperdine

14                   (424)            James Bourque            RHP              Michigan

15                    (454)            Ryan Ripken                   1B                 Indian River (FL) St. JC

16                   (484)           Cole Plouck                     LHP               Pima (AZ) CC

17                    (514)             Alec Keller                      CF                   Princeton

18                   (544)            McKenzie Mills           LHP               Sprayberry (GA) HS

19                   (574)            Clay Williamson           RF                  Cal State-Fullerton 

20                   (604)           Bryan Langlois              RF                  Pepperdine

21                    (634)            Connor Bach                   LHP               VMI

22                   (664)           Daniel Salters                C                     Dallas (TX) Baptist

23                   (694)           Chris Riopedre             SS                  East Tennessee St.

24                   (724)            Kyle Simmons               RHP              Texas Lutheran

25                   (754)            Kyle Bacak                        C                     TCU

26                   (784)            Chase McDowell         RHP              Rice

27                   (814)            Conor Keniry                  SS                  Wake Forest

28                   (844)           Kida De La Cruz             RHP              Volunteer State (TN) CC

29                   (874)            D.J. Jauss                          RHP              U-Mass.

30                   (904)           Tyler Mapes                   RHP              Tulane

31                    (934)            Samuel Johns                RHP              U. of Evansville (IN) 

32                   (964)           Elliott Cary                       CF                   Clackamas (OR) HS

33                   (994)           Clay Casey                        CF                   DeSoto Central (MS) HS

34                   (1024            Evan Skoug                      C                     Libertyville (IL) HS

35                   (1054)          Tommy Doyle                RHP              Flint Hill (VA) School

36                   (1054)          John Henry Styles      LHP               Episcopal (TX) HS

37                   (1114)           Quinn Brodey                 LHP               Loyola (CA) HS

38                   (1144)          Stuart Fairchild              RF                  Seattle (WA) Prep

39                   (1174)           John Littell                      OF                  Stillwater (OK) HS

40                  (1204)          Jacob Hill                          LHP               Orange Coast (CA) CC