(Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

The Nationals will stick with what’s working, which means Danny Espinosa will remain on the bench. Bryce Harper is still hitting sixth, with Anthony Rendon second against red-hot right-hander Jake Arrieta.

The Nationals are 6-1 in their last seven games, but over that span the Nationals have moved from a first-place tie to 1 1/2 games behind the Braves, who have won nine in row.


1. Denard Span, CF

2. Anthony Rendon, 2B

3. Jayson Werth, RF

4. Adam LaRoche, 1B

5. Ryan Zimmerman, 3B

6. Bryce Harper, LF

7. Ian Desmond, SS

8. Wilson Ramos, C

9. Jordan Zimmermann, SP



-Jake Arrieta, SP