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Jordan Zimmermann might have actually bought Steven Souza Jr. a BMW

(Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

Jordan Zimmermann settled behind the news conference podium Friday afternoon, one day before he will start Game 2 of the National League Division Series and four days since his indelible performance in the Nationals’ season finale. “Life has been the same way it has always been,” Zimmermann said. “You know, my phone has been blowing up every day, but I guess that comes with throwing a no-hitter.”

Zimmermann’s no-hitter, the first in Nationals history, happened because rookie outfielder Steven Souza Jr. made the leaping, horizontal-to-the-turf catch of a lifetime for the final out. On Sunday afternoon, Zimmermann made Souza a promise.

“Whatever he wants he can have,” Zimmermann said Sunday. “I’ll buy him anything.”

“I’ll be looking for a Beemer in my garage,” Souza said in response, grinning. “No, I’m not looking for anything at all. Just to make that catch is enough for me.”

Friday, Zimmermann was asked if he had delivered on his vow to buy Souza a gift.

“I have,” Zimmermann said. “You’ll have to ask him what it is.”

So, we did. As Souza came off the field from shagging fly balls during batting practice, the question was posed to him: What did Zimmermann buy him?

“A BMW,” Souza replied.



No, really?

“It’s getting shipped this winter,” Souza said.

What kind?

“I’m not sure,” Souza said, shrugging as he walked down the dugout and into the clubhouse.

We still aren’t 100 percent sure Souza wasn’t messing around with a reporter. But, man, Zimmermann may have just taken the lead for coolest teammate in the Nationals’ clubhouse.