Odrisamer Despaigne looks on as Jayson Werth takes first base after getting hit. (Gregory Bull/Associated Press)

SAN DIEGO — Jayson Werth is expected to miss the rest of the weekend series against the Padres, resting his left wrist, which is swollen after getting hit by a 92-mph fastball on Friday night. X-rays on the wrist after Friday’s game were negative but the swelling needs to subside before undergoing an MRI exam. Manager Matt Williams called the injury a contusion.

If the wrist doesn’t feel better by Monday’s off day, Werth said he expects to undergo more tests then. “Hopefully it’s just a bruise,” he said.

Werth thinks that will be enough time for his wrist to improve.

“It’s tough because I don’t want this team to play short if I’m not available,” he said. “But I don’t want to go on the DL either.”

Werth sounded, at least, mildly concerned about his wrist because it is unclear if anything is wrong and because of his injury history. Werth’s wrist guard took the bulk of the force from the pitch but “even with it, three surgeries, the injuries to it, it’s a sensitive area anyways.” (Werth needed surgery on wrist in 2012 when he broke it on a diving play in the outfield.)

Werth tried to stay in the game Friday. Once he was hit by the pitch, he thought feeling would come back but he still had trouble squeezing his hand while on the base paths. So he told Williams and went for an X-ray and put ice on.

Although no bones were broken, Werth knows his wrist can still suffer a significant injury by a pitch.

“I hope it’s nothing,” he said. “The last one cost me the first day of spring training in ’05 I didn’t get back on the field im the big leagues until the end of the May. I was still hurt when I came back. I played a full season hurt. The surgery at the end of the season didn’t fix it. I didn’t play in ’06 and had surgery at the end of ’06 to finally fix a split tear in my ligament. Had to go to the Mayo Clinic to get it fixed. A long story. That one cost me two years.”

Werth’s injury comes at a tough time personally. He struggled at the plate in his return from offseason shoulder surgery and rehab. But over the past five games of the road trip, he was 5 for 17 with a home run. His timing was slowly improving.

“I think it would be more frustrating if I hadn’t,” he said. “At least now, I’ve got some peace of mind that, once this comes back, I feel like I had my swing and had my timing and starting to get it going. If I hadn’t, I think it’ll be tough because I’d be dealing with not only this but shoulder rehab and timing.”